NORMAC Farm Machinery Competitions

The RNAA is pleased to announce that Agriculturalist Mr Andrew Pearce, will be judging the NORMAC classes this year.

These classes, organised with Norfolk Machinery Club (NORMAC), are open to NORMAC and Non-NORMAC Members.

The Innovations class will once again be open to commercial manufacturers. They are encouraged to come up with a new concept for development, whether it is a small gadget or a state of the art device, and may be the opportunity to launch a new design or product in the public eye. The NORMAC Trophy will be presented to the winning exhibit.

Click below for the NORMAC Prize Schedule and Entry Forms

NORMAC Machinery Competition Prize Schedule

Farm Machinery Competition Entry Form

Innovations Competition Entry Form

For further enquiries please contact NORMAC County Organiser, Chris Thomas
T: 01986 788209 or 07968 665761.