Paint out comes to the Royal Norfolk Show

Paint Out are excited to bring their ‘en plein air’ (outdoors) painting challenge to the Royal Norfolk Show, capturing the colourful spectacle of the event, as well as exhibiting and selling the work fresh off the racks inside the Paint Out marquee.

Sponsored by Leathes Prior, the first work made in situ at the show will be included as part of the Arnolds Key art auction at 3pm on Wed 28th June. The rest will be staggered in three hourly sessions over the following day and a half. This is a wonderful chance for show goers to experience and watch art being made in the raw across the show ground, and see the finished pieces the same day in our Marquee.

Amongst our painters taking part in the challenge are the highly skilled Norfolk artists Richard Bond, Tom Cringle and Alexandra Egan and from further afield the acclaimed Haidee-Jo Summers ROI.

We have invited reportage illustrator Nick Ellwood to teach a drawing session each day. Nick will spend 2.5 hours with a limited group of artists, guiding them to draw at speed the essentials from a myriad of colourful themes that the show presents. Ellwood works for Arts Council England, is soon to exhibit in the House of Illustration in London and in York Art Gallery. Email to enquire about taking part. There will also be a specially designed agricultural and cultural map of Norfolk for children to colour in in our Marquee.

Paint Out is an art event aiming to redefine 21st century ‘en plein air’ art practice, evolving the genre to reflect our contemporary world. Our core event, a fully juried competition for artists, with public workshops, and a two week exhibition is held each October as part of the Hostry Festival in the heart of medieval Norwich.

We seek to innovate each year, finding new ways for artists to view our locations, last year we brought them canoes to paint from and we have exciting plans for this year too!

To find out more please see our website