Norfolk Farm Machinery Club (NORMAC)

For over 50 years The Norfolk Farm Machinery Club has been running the “New Ideas Machinery Competition” at the Royal Norfolk Show. This display and competition highlights the adaptions and new thinking about farm machinery coming from our farms here in Norfolk. The exhibits we show on the stand are often eagerly awaited by other visitors and farmers who come to see if they can do any better! Competition winners receive a number of trophies for their efforts.

Norfolk Farm Machinery Club

Agricultural machinery development is progressing at an enormously rapid rate with developments in electronic technology spearheading the race to make farming more efficient and working practices more cost effective. Never before have developments been so far reaching or so rapid. Only just over 10 years ago we were grappling with early Global Positioning Systems with accuracy of only 20 cms. Now GPS is common place and most of our arable farms with pin-point accuracy, and with many other machines in use relying on the system for them to fulfil their functions. But it is not just electronics which have revolutionised the industry. More mundane things like agricultural tyres have improved the way we look after our soils and reduced compaction whilst making our machinery more efficient.

As an extension of the New Ideas Competition, The Norfolk Farm Machinery Club has initiated an “Innovations” competition for commercial manufacturers of farm machinery, for which they can compete for the “NORMAC” Trophy. The trophy will be awarded at the Show.