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Biomation Ltd

Biomation Ltd

Black Bat

A unique collection of British rare breed wool for the knitter, spinner, felter and weaver. Grown In Britian, spun in Yorkshire.

01642 486577


Boston Crop Sprayers

A range of agricultural, horticultural and fruit spraying equipment; replacement nozzles; parts, protective clothing etc + NSTS on farm and at our premises.


Botanica International Ltd

All natural herbal washes, creams and sprays. Botanica’s natural herbal system contains aloe vera, tea tree oil, comfrey and oil of lavender.

02841 739151


Breckland Orchard

We produce delicious sparkling soft drinks. No artificial colouring or flavours. We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we love making them!
01953 878060


Breckland Water Treatment

Water softeners and filters; iron and manganese filters; nitrate filters; ultra violet disinfection. Mains and private supplies.

01953 454625


Bredon Hill Shooting

High quality country clothes for gentlemen and ladies. RM Willians, Schoffer, Alan Panie, Jack Murphy and many more.